After two days of fruitful discussions and brainstorming,  Many-Me 5th General Assembly, which has been held in Ploiesti, Romania (07 – 08/11/2019) successfully ended. Participants used their opportunity to check the technical progress of the project, to analyse the results of 3rd test round in pilot site countries and to outline the main assumptions of Many-Me product marketing strategy.

As Many-Me life cycle comes to the end in February 2020 (M35) all deliverables regarding a coherent integration of all services and components of Many-Me system should be accomplished soon as well. The integration of the system is almost completed but it will last, however, until the end of the last pilot in order to make sure that all the stability and robustness issues have been resolved and that the services work properly. But, in general,  the integration of the system will be wrapped around the funcionalities of Many-Me Angel as the most attractive and positively assessed by end-users project application.

The 3rd round of end-user test conducted in 4 pilot countries: The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Cyprus has not been fully completed yet as some technical bugs discovered during the process of testing unabled the successful tests completion. Bugs (which appeared within Caregivers and Patients Recommenadions apps)  are continuously fixed by technical Partners. Once the all technical obstacles will be removed the 3rd test round is going to be completed.

In general, during tests already conducted, the user experience on Many-Me services is more positive than negative. The Community and (especially) Angel apps gathered a lot of positive opinions. Many-Me Angel has been assessed as a great app to call contacts if patients feel confused and no longer know where to go by the majority of testing end-users.

The Consortium decided on the launch of the tentative marketing strategy which is going to be perform to obtain the successful road-to-market project approach. To facilitate the solutions marketing uptake, the Consortium designated representatives will take part in the forthcoming editions of Lean Start-Up Academy planned by AAL Programme for November 2019 and January 2020.