Consortium members of Many-Me gathered in Poland for #4 project’s General Assembly which has been held in Łódź (Hotel Ambasador), 15-16/04/2019, by ASM, the partner responsible b.a. for exploitation, dissemination and communication work package. This fruitul meeting brought a few valuable conclusions, especially in terms of results of 2nd pilot testing. The exploitation workshop has been also conducted. General conlusion of the meeting is positive: the project itself is on track and goes according to the plan.

During the first day of assembly Julia Nuss, representative person of terzStiftung (Many-Me consortium member), presented the results of 2nd round of project’s solution pilot testing. Those test delivered a lot of important data to the project. End-users in Austria and in Switzerland has been invited to particular workshops focused on Many-Me apps presentation. So participants left a lot of significant impressions and valuable remarks which will be very useful to increase the system’s utilities.

Results of 2nd test pilots doing between caregivers and patients on Cyprus and in The Netherlands have been presented as well. As explained Harun Isiktas, representative person of dutch MOB (co-ordinating consortium member), one of most significant caregivers observation was that their clients are not fully digitally literate. So the feedback was to create the system really friendly to elderly persons. Therefor it must be taken into account doing the improvement of the system’s interface.

During the second day of the assembly representative person of ASM, Dawid Krysiński, PhD, conducted the workshop on the project’s results exploitation, complementary promotion strategy and way to market. Several valuable conclusions on it were made, so the consortium designed some step towards the final effect which will be the draft marketing strategy elaboration scheduled to be done in Autumn. The Consortium designated also some specific promotional plans, with the participation in the forthoming AAL Forum in Denmark (in September) between others.

The next Many-Me General Assembly is planned for November 2019.