This is our pleasure to announce that UNIGE, partner in our Consortium, developed the final versions of Many-Me Angel apps and released them on the Playstore! One of the basic components of Many-Me holistic solution are therefore available for open testing. We are really proud of our Swiss partners!

As Jonathan Bertolaccini, PhD at University of Geneva and Angel apps mastermind reports, now all apps are translated in many languages: Dutch, German, Greek, English, French and Turkish. It enables potential end-users from different countries to get aquainted with numerous apps’ functionalities: “Many-Me Angel (the client app) as well as Many-Me for Relative (the relative app) are published in Open Beta. Which means that any one can use our apps, no restrictions to download them, just need to be live in one of the consortium’s countries” – Jonathan explains – “Many-Me for Caregiver (the caregiver app) is still in close beta. Like this we have a safety validation of them before downloading the app.”

The final versions of Many-My Angel App variations were being elaborated since the beginning of the project life cycle. The last features are the following:

1- Relative can register themselves alone and register new person to assist. Before this, it was mandatory to send the an email with information, which is not necessary at all now. The user must only remember the firtname, lastname and phone number he enters to register the relative and patient, because he needs this to activate the phones:

2- Caregiver now have an alerts history in order to call back people when they received an alert regarding this person:

3- The most interesting one, we have the key indicator of dementia progress!  Both for the relative and caregiver:

The relative can this the last 30 days of alerts of his persons to assist, and the caregiver see all the patient of the country now.

We are also happy to report that all Many-Me applications (not only Angel), after the series of updating, are ready to the third round tests which are going to be performed by end-users organizations in our pilot countries: The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Cyprus.

Follow our website to know more soon about test results!!!