One of significant elements of Many-Me platform is Angel patient app. It improves safety and orientation of dementia patients in threat or stressful situation. Many-Me Angel application is a part of general projects solution potentially useful for patients in middle stage of dementia: their family members and caregivers would use smartphones to “remote control” a patient in a difficult situation back to safety.

Some new information on the progress in app’s preparing process appeared as experts from University of Geneva (UNIGE), Many-Me consortium member, continue their work on the development on patient’s phone. As the progress goes on, it’s now possible to detect 2 situations, when we think a person with dementia is lost, or when she or he seems static. A third case will be enable during the project duration, to detect if there is no activity on the phone, which means that the phone could have been forgotten.

The main process to register a new person to the system is by passing through a relative that download the app on the PlayStore. The relative will download it’s own application and will be able to register his person with dementia, very easily. He will be able to register many persons with dementia, if we take the use case of a young working woman having 2 parents both suffering from dementia.

After the registration, the next step is to bind the device to the person with dementia, for this we have an activation screen, compose with only 3 fields. During this activating step, it’s better that the relative stay near the PwD. Once the activation is done, the elderly is safe, the monitoring is running and the system knows which device is used by the elderly. The final screen will indicate that everything is under control.

As the performance of Many-Me Angel goes ahead, other system elements are under continous development, too. Many-Me consortium currently prepares the second series of pilot tests of the platform which is to be performed featuring end-users until next weeks.