Project Technical Partners (Drimpy, Compexim, Unige, Ekkotek) simultaneously work to elaborate the Many-Me system, based on end-user requirements and specifications definition. Now the flow of the project consists in development of coherent integration of all the services and components (Apps) until the end of last pilot. And the progress goes well.

Drimpy, the project co-ordinating partner, elaborates Dr. Impy (Personal Caregiver App), made of three main layers: diary, medical files and social part of the application, connecting the patient with the platforms like FB, useful to contact with another system’s users. Now Dutch engineers also work on the method how to connect all system’s  apps with each other. – And the connection must be really established – admits Mik De Jong, scientific expert of Drimpy, responsible for the main development of this solution.

Ekkotek, the Partner from Cyprus, is currently engaged in Many-Me Community development: it’s the app helpful for users of android mobile devices. – Currently we have developed  all the main screens for the app – says Katarina Fotiou, Ekkotek engineer – so users are able to view the flow.

Last but not least, Unige (University of Geneva, project Partner) still elaborate solutions within the frame of Many-Me Angel application.

So next project steps will be to identificate most desirable and useful services. Three simoultaneus iterations will help also with addition and refining  of services to a fully working Many-Me system, improvement and bug-fixing to reach its final and coherent version.