UNIGE (University of Geneva), project partner, was a host of the first General Assembly of Many-Me Consortium, on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23th of January, in Geneva’s University district called Batelle. In this interesting, scientific campus, surrounded by picturesque chain of mountains, participants found a lot of hospitality – and a perfect occasion to discuss every important project’s issue.


First meeting’s day (Monday) was dedicated strictly to reports revealing the current project’s state. All involved project partners: DRIMPY (Bjorn Beckkers, Arnold Breukhoven, Ruud Van Eijk), terzStiftung (Stefan Kroll), MOB (Adem Simitci), Compexin (Iulian Anghelache & Catalina Anghelache -Tutulan), Ekkotek (Katerina Fotiou), Eurag (Eva Reithner),  Materia Group (Sotia Nicolaou), ASM (Dawid Krysiński, Remigiusz Mielczarek), and – last but not least – outstanding event’s hosts, UNIGE (Jonathan Bertolacci, Michel Deriaz, Abbas Hammoud) presented and analyzed in detail all technical and business project’s aspects, currently in progress according to work package’s description.

Next part of meeting’s first day, including general round table discussions, gave participants chance to exchange their experience in particular project’s parts developing, especially regarding to further visions of the project (in technical and marketing meaning), internal business plan still to be prepared, as well as MTR strategy. As all partners concluded, this part of the meeting gave them a chance to ask many critical questions regarding the project’s future – as well as to develop suitable plan of next steps to achieve required sollutions.

The excellent bridge for involved partners to integrate each other have been created by hosting UNIGE in the evening of first conference’s day. Partners, invited altogether to taste typical swiss cuisine (with delicious cheese & wine service), were delighted with the familiar atmosphere of Le Gruyerien Restaurant, Geneva, where they spent amazing time, having a lot of fun and discussing many problems unofficialy.

Most of the participants stayed in Geneva for the second day of meeting, where – after the morning workshop containing specific round table’s discussions, they were enjoying an excellent tour of Geneva, provided by hospitable UNIGE partners.  Guests expressed huge gratitude to hosting colleagues, putting a lot of emphasis on the quality and professionalism of the meeting’s organizational site.