The Many-Me team participated in the second workshop from the new AAL Lean Start up Academy in Brussels on 21st November 2019. As the workshop was the next in the series, it referred to the business issues previously discussed by reflecting on the homework assignments,  and additionally, the event participants worked on Unique Value Propositions for the customer segments.

Excellent feedback was given by the Italian moderators from META and it really helped to get the Many-Me Unique Value Proposition (UVP) straight. What is important, is to focus on the regular jobs/tasks your customer has to do; the pains and gains he/she will encounter in this and how the Many-Me solution creates more gains and relieves the pain. This is the rule we are going to follow in our business approach!

As simple as it sounds, but is an eye opener to define your UVP instead of focusing immediately on the fantastic solution you think you have.