Many-Me outcomes and achievements have been presented during one of the most important events of health-ageing circle: AAL Forum, this year organized in Aarhus, Denmark (23-25.09.2019). This time we decided to present our holistic solution more like the community of people suffering from dementia than the technical innovation, which Many-Me system really is.

We had two opportunities to present our project towards AAL Community. First of all, our representative person Dawid Krysiński, PhD (ASM, Many-Me Consortium member) presented Many-Me lecture and slide show during the session entitled: “Smarter practical implementation of digital technology to enhance active and healthy living”. Second, our project poster has been uploaded to the general AAL Forum screen and had been displaying among other presentations until the end of AAL Forum. We are happy that both presentations gathered the interest of many potential beneficiaries and stakeholders of Many-Me solution: we initiated a lot of valuable contacts and hope to deepen it in the future.

AAL Forum was, like always, the valuable platform to share the core ideas of our project with as many members of AAL Community as possible. The Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Programme promotes innovative technological product ideas and services for active and healthy ageing, supporting them until they launch on the market. These innovations are presented at the annual AAL Forum, among the largest European events of its kind. The forum provides an excellent opportunity to network within the AAL community and to discuss issues around AAL within workshops, keynote presentations and a large exhibition area.