Partners in Many-Me Consortium decided to subscibe the project for the first AAL Lean Start-up Academy, which will take place in the framework of the new edition of the AAL2Business Support Action, in Aarhus, Denmark, on 23rd September 2019. This initiative will provide Many-Me with a valuable opportunity to validate project business model and increase its commercial traction.

The cycle of AAL Lean Start-up Academy workshops is the proposition for AAL projects (obviously Many-Me is one of them) aiming to support their market-uptake chances through recognizing their business potential. By checking their assumptions against the market, AAL projects will be guided by a business coach in identifying priority customers, the best fitting value proposition and the right channels to reach them out.

The session in Aarhus (organized as an ambience event within the framework of the forthcoming AAL Forum 2019) is the first of a set of three workshops, which compose a 4 months-long course, aimed at taking participating teams through the right steps to rapidly develop and test novel solutions by gathering feedbacks, developing a goal-oriented and well-planned business model for exploitation and dissemination of key results and solutions.

The second and third workshops will take place respectively in November/December and January/February in Brussels.

All needed details on proposed agenda of AAL Lean Start-up Academy are available HERE.