AAL Start up Academy

Many-Me business plan and Unique Value Proposition were presented in Vienna during AAL Lean Start-up Academy. We had a chance to verify our business targets, obstacles and chosen paths to solve any problems that can occur on the Many-Me road to market. AAL business expert was also available to advise all projects representatives how they can communicate their UVP to the potential customers.


The most important thing is that our UVP received a very positive feedback from the audience:


The Many-Me Angel mobile platform provides a cheap, fast, safe retrieval of wandering elderly suffering dementia by activating local heroes, unlike existing devices and formal & informal structures.


There are several ways to make the Many-Me solution available on the market, and we have analyzed their pros and cons with other participants of the meeting. The results of discussions dedicated to costs, incomes and measurements analysis showed us that our business plan is profitable and likely to succeed.


All Academy participants agreed that over business goals we have to keep in mind a social mission we realize with our products or services. In Many-Me case it is still :


  • making people’s life suffering from dementia better,
  • saving costs of retrieval up to 70% for the municipality,
  • providing the best care system for caregivers. 

Last month of Many-Me project just has started!