New Many-Me EU Project  profile has been established on It’s a good place for those interested in efficient discussions focused on solutions and methods to improve wellbeing of patients suffering from dementia.

As there are many organisations, companies, supporting institutions, researchers and volunteeers ready to help people in need, as well as to discuss in order to achieve some progress in procees providing  to overcome physical, psychological and financial problems related to progressive intellectual deterioration, the set up of LinkedIn profile devoted to those topics seems to be valuable initiative.

So all beneficiaries connected with the idea of creating systems / solutions to help patiens in various stages of dementia, their families, relatives, formal and informal caregivers, are warm-heartly welcome to participate all disscusions provided on this forum.

A novelty brought by Many-Me is a personalization of content of an ICT support. People with moderate and mild dementia are generally able to use simple electronic devices which enable to improve their self-confidence. However, appropriate design and meeting the real needs of people with dementia, are among main challenges that providers of an ICT care systems for older adults must try to overcome. More details relevant to those problems are present on this website.