At the end of February, just before the COVID-19 outbrake, almost all partners met in Rotterdam to sum up all work packages in the Many-Me project. Good cooperation and willingness to develop the Many-Me solution led us to sign a Letter of Intent introducing a new start-up company.


The Many-Me solution is an important support for elderly people, in the Netherlands but also elsewhere in Europe. Dutch Police reports that on average 40,000 people in the Netherlands are missing and a growing amount of them are wandering elderly suffering from dementia; around 1100 elderly persons per year[1]. We saw a touching coverage from MAX TV in which a Dutch family told the story about dramatic loss of one of their members – elderly man (father and husband) who had died as a result of wandering and cold nights. According to this information – it is crucial to increase the awareness of dementia, to show how important it is to give solutions that provide a feeling of security to the elderly and their families.



During the first day of the project meeting we had a special guest – representative of the Municipality of Rotterdam. We presented features and advantages of the Many-Me solution as well as a video trailer, which you can find here. The feedback was very positive and there is another meeting planned to strengthen the cooperation between the Many-Me start-up and the city.


We also analysed all data gathered within the project. As the statistics shows the Angel app as a flagship app received the best marks during all testing cycles. We are still working on translations into other languages, gamification features, additional alerts that can be useful in daily routine of elderly people and availability for iOS as well as for Android devices.



After all, several partners expressed their interest in further cooperation and signed a Letter of Intent, which is a basis for the Many-Me start-up company.


This time MOB – the project coordinator from the Netherlands was hosting the meeting and took care of all details, including a visit in home care facility specifically  for Chinese elderly – our potential beneficiaries. We all had a chance to get the knowledge how exactly does the work of formal caregivers look like, what are the needs, how is it organized in an everyday routine and what are the obstacles in caring about elderly people. Elderly Care Organizations and Services are also beneficiaries of the Many-Me solution.


Those were two very busy days with important conclusions, giving creative ideas and planning further steps to succeed.

Many-Me latest version will be available on Play Store in March 2020!


[1] Quote from police officer in a television program broadcasted by MAX in the Netherlands; please follow: