1 Second end-user session at terzStiftung, Switzerland

In March and April 2019, the Many-Me end-user organisations carried out the second user integration. Due to the change of project coordinator the development of the applications only proceeded slowly. According to this only the Many-Me Angel application was ready for a real field test. For the other applications a second workshop was carried out.

For the second user integration, a mix of caregivers (formal and informal) and older adults with experience of dementia or own problems with age-related forgetfulness took part. Each end-user organisation had the aim to invite 20 participants.

Regarding providing the users with a creative approach and the aim of extending the features of the applications, the storyboard method was applied. This is a very good method for discussing more sensitive issues, as the user can empathize with the target user. The user stories were created by the end-user organisations themselves.

2 Formal caregivers workshop MOB, the Netherlands

This method gone down well with the participants and lively discussions followed. The participants where very creative and had a lot of good ideas that were handed over to the technical developers.

The participants walked on the one hand through the daily life of Erna, John and Georg who will be the future primary end-users and on the other hand with Amy, Ben and Chris who represent the future secondary end-users.

In summary, the second test round was still to a large extent a lab test with improved apps and screenshots, but, except for the Angel app, not a product that could be used in a full field trial. In the upcoming third test round this should be the case.

Voice recognition again and in general simple alerts and notifications are the main takeaways after this second test round. Charging of the devices, either a smartphone or tablet is also an obstacle. Examples were given of elderly persons who pull out cables because they are afraid of high energy costs.

As, on the technical side, Many-Me Partners continously work on integration of all components into a coherent system, updates to the User Interfaces based on the feedback from the second pilot testing will be implemented. Technical Partners also collaborate over updates and development of the Cloud Services for the application.

First set of updated user interface previews will come at the end of July 2019.