MOB, an end user organisation from the Netherlands and our project’s consortium member, had a test workshop on the Many-Me solution with its professional caregivers. It was also an opportunity to explain to test users how the Many-Me Angel app is working.

To explain to older people how modern devices work is always a challenge. Especially when it comes to patients suffering from dementia who are the group of people under the special care of Many-Me initiators. As patients and their caregivers are both the potential end-users of project’s solution, the stage of testing the entire system with them is the most significant element of Many-Me deployment.

Even though Many-Me’s simplicity is a value of the system it is necessary to meet potential end-users to explain how it works and clarify all doubts or uncertainties. This is the main objective of test workshops that are organized within the project’s framework. So than the end users have the chance to know the system better and become friendly to it.

One of the most imprtant project’s objectives is also to give comfort to the end-users, patients or caregivers, to convince that they are not struggling alone and they can easily get help with the tap of a (virtual) button. Many-Me is connecting people, making them feel they are not alone or helpless, empowering them to help themselves and stay active through the use of smart assistive technology, specifically designed for patients in early and middle stages of dementia, cares, and community.