On July 10 and 11 of this year the Many-Me Consortium gathered for the kick-off meeting in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The Project coordinator Drimpy and the partner MOB hosted the 2-day meeting that had the intention to build bridges. Not only between involved consortium partners, but also between Many-Me partners and patients. Sharing the idea that cooperation is key and for strong cooperation you need to know and trust each other, Drimpy and MOB provided not only planning and tech meetings but also time to get to know each other. Strong connections were made, sharing a laugh and asking critical questions to develop a common ground for a shared mission.

Day 1. What are we working on and how can we cooperate optimally?

On day 1 involving partners presented particular work packages. Project goals and development plans were discussed.

Work Package 1 was presented by Julia Nuss from terzStiftung. Julia showed a great progress in research and development in end-user requirements. Ethical issues and data management plans were discussed

Work Package 2 was presented by Iulian Anghelache from CPX. Getting everyone on board to actually shape a product idea, Iulian brought in specific questions about what kind of product we would develop, which software it had to be based on, which API`s need to be build and how we need to test. That was a strong discussions, which pulled every partner straight in to the project.

Work Package 4 was presented by Paweł Nowakowski from ASM. Paweł did an excellent job expressing the need of early stage communication and broadening our target audience. He set out strategy and guidelines involving every partner country.

Determined to get the most out of these 2 days involved tech partners got together on the restaurant terrace for a specific tech-progress meeting in the late afternoon.

Day 2. How can we helping people with dementia. What do they need?


The main purpose of Day 2 was engaging with patients suffering from dementia. The day started at a nursing home for people with an immigrant background. After a guided tour through the nursing home and interviews with different caregivers, MOB brought in patients suffering from dementia that were able to discuss their needs and experiences with Many-Me partners. This very valuable meeting brought great insight in the enormous diversity in dementia patients. It gave a perspective in what they share as a group, but also what differences need to be held in mind.

Afterwards all partners were brought to the famous Kinderdijk by boat. Another discussions took place in the surroundings of the windmills, where Partners also had a chance to degust traditional Dutch pancakes.

Trying to balance work and social contacts, Drimpy and MOB set up to create the feeling that “Together we can make a difference”. To get there, cooperation is key!