One of the project activities that has been currently in progress is developing the Many-Me platform.

The primary objective is the analysis, design and development of:

  • patient to patient services;
  • patient to care giver services and care giver to patient;
  • personal Health Record;
  • caregiver to caregiver services.

In close correlation with the objectives and with the help of the end-users and the business partners the following applications and services will be implemented:

  • Many-Me Angel;
  • Personal Health Record;
  • E-Learning and communication platform;
  • Activity Recommendation Service;
  • Integration Platform.

Many-Me social interactive care system scheme

In the last months, a variety of activities were carried out for each of the applications and services. A definition of Use Cases was prepared by the partnership and mock-ups have been developed. Also, a draft document for technical specifications was prepared covering functionalities, workflows and integration requirements. Last but not least, the project Partners identified the current state of the art and similar applications and services already available at the marketplace.

The development of the Many-Me platform can be perceived as a crucial activity of the whole project and will be finished at the end of 2019.